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Keeping children at the heart of the process

Origins of Poppies Play Therapy

How is it that these beautifully delicate wild flowers blossom in the most barren places? Poppies truly represent resilience, and versatility whilst at the same time showing vulnerability and fragility.  This brings to mind  the children, young people and their families I have worked with over the past 2 decades. I have witnessed the challenges, struggles and adversity they have conquered, showing strength and resilience gained from working together and supporting one another. As I remain forever touched by such inspiring transformations, these families have given me insight and encouragement to offer professional private therapeutic intervention by founding Poppies Play Therapy. 

I have worked in many various settings such as criminal justice, leaving care teams, and pastoral teams. Currently I work as a child and adolescent mental health practitioner in the looked after children's team. My work involves one to one therapy with children as well as some group work. I also work closely with schools and parents / carers from an attachment perspective. A lot of this work is done through psychosocial learning and attachment play to strengthen the quality of relationships as well as enhancing mental, emotional and social well being.

My first degree was from Warwick University in Childhood Studies. I went on to gain post graduate qualification in Play Therapy. Since then I have qualified as a Clay Therapist, Parent and Child Attachment Practitioner and an AutPlay Therapist.  With such a versatile tool kit, I am able to work with a great diversity of children, young people and families. From those experiencing mild unease, to those with more severe neurodevelopmental disorders, there is a great deal that can be achieved in terms of therapeutic goals. 

I am really passionate about the work that I do and part of that means I am always open to more research and learning to help the families that I work with gain more manageable ways of living and being together. I am highly driven to deliver theoretically proven approaches that are useful and affordable for families to access.

The purpose of my work is to open minds, to be more curious about what our children need and how as parents, therapists, professionals, friends and family, we are all part of that journey. Here I am reminded of a beautiful African proverb 'It takes a village to raise a child'. As a community we can support each other and raise our children in a world full of diversity, change, growth, and understanding. Instilling resilience, confidence, empathy and stability within our children. 

If you are interested in learning more about the work that I do then please do get in touch.


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