Parenting Courses

Therapeutic parenting


Attachment Play

6 week course designed to strengthen parent and child relationships through play. This course gives parents innovative ideas on non punitive discipline, whilst maintaining boundaries and rules.


Attachment and trauma

This one hour workshop gives insight into what attachment is and how trauma affects brain development. There is also information on self care and how important it is as parents that we look after ourselves as well as our family.


Creative therapeutic interventions

Children learn through their environments, through their experiences and from watching the adults around them. During the most stressful times is can be difficult to stay emotionally regulated and in the present moment so that we can help our children to self regulate. But, the good news is that the more we practice at being calm the better we become at it. This course runs for 4 weeks and teaches parents the benefits of mindfulness, creative visualisations and mind - body connection through experiential learning.